What is CERT?

This is the Who, What, Where and When of NB CERT

Who are we? 
The New Braunfels Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is an organization of federally trained volunteers.

What is CERT? 
CERT is a community-based emergency preparedness organization and is FEMA supported.

Where do we serve? 
The primary geographical support area is New Braunfels Texas and the immediate surrounding communities.

When do we serve? 
CERT training is mostly about post-disaster search and rescue. However, the goal is to prepare the entire community way before disaster strikes.

Why do we serve this community? 
New Braunfels Texas is located in part of “Flash Flood Alley”. The area has suffered many flash floods throughout recorded history.

How do we serve? 
The team provides education, information, and training to the public at large. They also help organize training for future CERT volunteers.

Good Samaritans! When called to action, these volunteers respond by utilizing their knowledge, skills and training to save lives and help the community.